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SLTM Agenda

January 20, 2011

The meeting…

January 20 2010 Role Takers Meeting No. 19
Chairperson Debate Master Grammarian
Toastmaster General Evaluator Ah Counter
Table Topics Master Movie/Book Review Timer

7:30 ~ 7:35 Greetings/ Club Business (Chairperson)

q         Call meeting to order.

q               Ask guests and members to introduce themselves.

q               Fill vacant positions.

q         Recite the Toastmasters Mission Statement.

7:35 ~ 7:45 Toastmaster Session (Toastmaster)

q         Opening remarks.

q         Introduce Guest Greeter, Timer, Ah Counter, Grammarian, Debate Master & General Evaluator.

7:45 ~ 8:10 Prepared Speech Session (Toastmaster)

q         Introduce each speaker.


Speaker Speech Project Speech Title Time Evaluator Time
CC #1 – Ice Breaker 4:00 ~ 6:00 2:00 ~ 3:00
CC #2 – Organize Your Speech 5:00 ~ 7:00 2:00 ~ 3:00

q         After each speech, allow the audience to write back feedback to the speaker for one minute.

q         Call for Timer’s report.

q         Vote for the best speaker.

8:10 ~ 8:25 Table Topic’s Session (Table Topics Master)

q         Explain Table Topics and Table Topics theme.

q         Conduct Table Topics session. (Time Limit — 1:00 to 2:00)

q         Call for Timer’s report.

q         Vote for the best table topic speaker.

8:25 ~ 8:30 Debate Session Introduction (Debate Master)

8:30 ~ 8:40 Break

8:40 ~ 8:55 Debate Session (Debate Master)

q         Debate Master will lead the debate topic session.

8:55 ~ 9:05 Movie/Book Review (Critic)

q         Critique of movie or book

9:05 ~ 9:10 Evaluation Session (General Evaluator)

q         Introduce prepared speech evaluators; Evaluator explains speech objectives.

q         Call for Timer’s,  Ah Counter’s  & Grammarian’s report (Time Limit — 1:00 to 2:00 each).

q         General Evaluator gives comments on the meeting (Time Limit — 2:00 to 3:00).

9:10 ~ 9:15 Award Session (Toastmaster)

q         Announce best table topics, best evaluator & best speaker.

q         Closing remarks.

q         2nd Round announcement.

q         Adjourn meeting.

9:15 ~ 9:30 Announcement  Session / Conclusion (Chairperson)

q         Thank first time guests for attending and ask for comments.

q         Club announcements including 2nd Round announcement.

q         Adjourn meeting.

Visit our homepage at facebook “Seocho Leaders Toastmasters” and VOLUNTEER  for an open role.  Please contact for more information.

Fall 2010 Term SRTM Executive Committee
President Jae Kim VP of Membership Joyce Chung VP of Education Benjamin Maddox
VP of PR Michael Whyte Club Sponsor Sungil Kim Treasurer Hyeon Lim
Dep. Education Catherine Kim Dep. Education Dae Sik Dp. Of PR Barry Smith
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