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SLTM Minutes of January 20th

January 27, 2011

January 20th 2011 Minutes:

The meeting for January 20th 2011 kicked off with our chairperson Jae Kim calling the meeting to order. The Toastmaster for the evening Benjamin Maddox was introduced and the meeting was on its way.

Our role takers for the evening were Jae Kim as the grammarian. Hyeon as the Ah counter. Jenny Shim as the Timer, and Barry as the General evaluator.

The meeting was brought to order and our first speaker Paul Kim delivering his icebreaker speech was welcomed to the front.  Paul delivered a very confident first speech that told of his past career paths.

Our second speaker Michael Whyte was introduced who delivered a wonderful second speech titled staying motivated. Michael’s topic was aimed at how to stay motivated in ones own life focusing on the simple things.

Moving along to Hong Seok presented the group with the Table Topics for the evening. The table topics were a series of five pictures for the volunteers to create their own story. The table topics were introduced and the speakers took the stand. Jae Kim, Benjamin, Joyce and Hyeon answered the welcomed topics.

Debates were led by Ellen Noh who asked us the question whether Botox is an acceptable choice. The teams were divided and the debating commenced with Dae Sik, Paul and Hyeon on the FOR side. Barry, Michael, and Ki Soo on the AGAINST.

The Table Topics Master was awarded to Jae Kim, and our Best Speaker for the evening was Michael Whyte.  The first meeting as an officially chartered toastmasters club was brought to glorious close. Thanks to everyone one in participation and attendance.

~Barry Smith

Dep. of PR

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