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SLTM Minutes February 17th

February 24, 2011

February 17th 2011

At last week’s Seocho Leaders Toastmasters a cozy meeting took place. Our Toastmaster for the evening Steve cooper introduced the roles as follows.

Stella – Debate Master

Barry Smith – Table Topics Master

Richard Kim – General Evaluator

Jae Kim – Chairperson

After roles were introduced it was on to the nights prepared speech session by Dae Sik. Delivering his first prepared icebreaker speech on his love for rock climbing, Dae Sik connected the main points of rock climbing in conjunction with everyday life.

Moving on to table topics each guest was asked to stand up and answer questions randomly selected by Barry Smith. The question was asked, “Whom do you see as the most successful person and what makes them successful?” John Chung answered the call speaking about his idol Kobe Bryant and winning the table topic session for the evening.

Stella who introduced us to the held debates, whether we should boycott Valentines day. Some excellent points were given, finally resulting in the debate going to the FOR the boycott team. Finally, Richard Kim who provided the club with feedback on the meeting brought our meeting to a close. Thank you for everyone one in attendance and participation in the Thursday night meeting.



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