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Executive Team & Members

Executive Team

The role of the Executive Committee is to see that the overall structure and flow of the group remains intact. These individuals dedicate time both inside and outside of meetings to insure the overall functionality of the group.

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President Michael Whyte
V.P. of Education Barry Smith
     Deputy of Education Evelin Cha
V.P. of Membership
Deputy V.P. Memb. 
V.P. of Public Relations Open
     Deputy of PR Catherine Kim
Assistant Treasurer 
Hyesung GU
Sergeant at Arms RON KIM 

SLTM Charter Members

Jae Kim
Joyce Kim
Hyeon Lim
Michael Whyte
Hongseok Namkoong
Yoonjung Choi
Irving Gussow
Benjamin Maddox
Domonique Kim
Eunjoo Lee
Jenny Vrontakis
Paul Kim
Stella Park
Ellen Noh
Jae H Lee
Steve Cooper
Daesik Kim
Barry Smith
Jenny Shim
Steve Kim
Richard Kim
Yewon Seo
Gudo Kim
Antonio Kidston
Evelyn Cha
Jessica Yoon
Hyesung Gu

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